About 4 DOTS

About 4 DOTS

4 DOTS is your go-to source for trendy up-cycled apparel. At 4 DOTS we are all about our customers. Each order is seen as an opportunity to provide clients with the ability to express themselves through style. We love when clients bring us an idea that we can run with and turn into something truly amazing.

4 DOTS is not a digital embroidery company. While most embroidery today is computerized and mass-produced, all of our products are created using a Singer 114w103, vintage, hand-cranked embroidery machine, one piece at a time. The process of embroidering on each product is done entirely by hand using a directional hand crank underneath the machine.

The Singer 114w103 was the first chain stitch machine Singer ever made, starting around 1911. Today's computerized embroidery machines will never compare to the labor of using the freehand crank with the right hand below a Singer 114w103, while directing embroidery above with the left hand, and controlling the speed with the foot. Think "Etch A Sketch". Because chain stitches can form flowing, curved lines, we are able to use the machine to perform what some might call "drawing" with thread. Wanting that one inspirational quote on a jacket? Are you or someone you know a huge sports fan (or a fan of the social aspect)? Wanting to add some flare to your newest pair of jean shorts or overalls? 4 DOTS has you covered by keeping you "on-trend" with custom chain stitched apparel.

4 DOTS 4 PAWS was inspired by the cutest Mini Goldendoodle, Kora, 4 DOTS owner's pup. We strive to create trendy accessories for human's best friend, because they deserve to stand out in the crowd too! All of our pet products are handmade with love.

We invite you to browse our site to get ideas or find just what you've been looking for. If you're ready to get the best piece of clothing you've ever worn, reach out to us! Look good, feel good ....shop 4 DOTS today!